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  • Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout
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    Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout

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    Yookidoo Flow 'N Fill Spout Bath Toy (9m+) is an automatic play spout that attaches to the tub and offers so many ways to play. Water is drawn up and through the spout creating an endless stream. Use three different activity tumblers to play with the water as it falls- create a shower with one and turn a propeller with another. The third tumbler features a hidden friend inside who floats to the surface when filled with water - peek-a-boo. Use the tumblers individually or stack them and watch the water run through all three at once. Swiveling arm holds the tumblers and can be placed directly under the stream or pushed off to the side. The spout swivels, too. Easy for kids to turn on and off by themselves- just press the face.

    • Automatic play spout attaches to the tub and offers many ways to play with water

    • Water is drawn up and through the spout creating an endless stream through three interchangeable tumblers - each with a different sprouting water action

    • Use the tumblers individually or stack them and watch the water run through all three at once

    • Easy for kids to turn on or off by simply pressing the face

    • Swiveling arm holds the tumblers and can be placed directly under the stream or pushed off to the side. The spout swivels too!

    Product Details:
    Product Length: 7.0 inches
    Product Width: 3.0 inches
    Product Height: 14.5 inches
    Package Length: 15.2 inches
    Package Width: 7.3 inches
    Package Height: 3.6 inches
    Package Weight: 1.15 pounds
    Average Customer Rating: based on 520 reviews
    Customer Reviews:
    Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 520 customer reviews )
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    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    284 of 288 found the following review helpful:

    5Major Bath-Time Fun  Jun 21, 2010
    By CKE
    Watch Video Here: The Yookidoo is great bath time fun - better yet, kids of all ages will love it (well up to a point). The concept of the Yookidoo fountain is pretty basic it has an opening at the bottom with a small pump. The pump circulates the water to the top and fountain is put into motion (it will make more sense once you see the video). Our daughter loves playing with her Yookidoo even if it is mainly to try to find ways to drink the water!

    Things we like -

    - It is very quiet - if it wasn't for the falling water you wouldn't even know it was on
    - A variety of cups to catch the water (see the video)
    - Suction cups work great for attaching to the bath tub.
    - Seems to be high quality (so far) we have used it daily for about 1 month.

    Areas for improvement

    - It is a minor complaint, but it might be nice if it was a little bigger

    Final Verdict- I can't imagine any child that wouldn't enjoy the Yookidoo fountain. You can buy this with confidence.

    5 Stars

    94 of 97 found the following review helpful:

    4great product bad company  Oct 14, 2009
    By valerie
    My kids love love loved this but in less than a month it just stopped working. I called the company international playthings and they basically said "not our problem". I have never had such bad customer service with a toy company. They said any problem I had would have to be dealt with through the toy store where I purchased it. I love this product but knowing what I know now I would not recommend it or any international playthings toy as they do not stand behind there merchandise.

    80 of 82 found the following review helpful:

    3Incredibly cute! - but won't last!!!  Nov 02, 2010
    By KP
    I am yet another parent with a toy that was well enjoyed - great fun! - BUT it was short lived. The 2nd week after my daughter's birthday this toy was not working right. By the 3rd week it would not turn on at all. When we went to change the batteries we found that gasket on the battery compartment had not sealed at all!

    Actually, my husband had worried initially that the gasket did not look very reliable, but we put in the batteries anyway, and believe me, he made sure to screw the cover on tightly. But, sure enough, after the 3 weeks we opened the battery compartment and icky brown/black water dripped out. The batteries were all rusted/corroded from the water infiltrating. Even the spring that presses against the negative end of the battery had rusted right off!

    This toy was so much fun that I would really like to order it again, but only if I can find a way to insert a gasket that will really seal so the toy won't be ruined. Also, while we were careful to keep the battery compartment above the water level when we suctioned the toy to the tub, it would also be advisable (though not at all practical) to take the batteries out after each bath and dry the compartment out.

    38 of 40 found the following review helpful:

    4How to repair this toy if it stops working  Jun 10, 2010
    By Auntie
    My son loves this toy and the cups that come with it. I got this when my son was 17 months old and he loved it until it stopped working after about four months and he would cry "Yoo-kid -o"! and "momma fix it!" I couldn't find any warrantee info.

    Sometimes just taking the cover off the inlet will magically start it working again. I found that the pump had seized up a couple times and taking the cover off and sticking the screw driver into the pump fins and spinning it will restart it.

    41 of 44 found the following review helpful:

    5Lots of entertainment  Sep 17, 2009
    By Online Mama
    If your children enjoy playing with running water, this toy is a great alternative to continually running the faucet. It seems to be well made and has functioned well for the months that I have had it.

    I purchased this toy for my 2 year old, but my five and seven year olds play with it, too. I have been known to stick a cranky kid in the tub to play with this toy for an hour or so- a break for me and an attitude changer for the child!

    I am purchasing a few of these for Christmas presents this year!

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